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Use the context. In the text, find the English equivalents: a déménagé l. Act out a dialogue 2. Work on word formation. Liz and Dave are back in their room after their a. What verb are they derived from? Translate the nouns into French.

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Epilogue Voluntourism, more harm than good? Soft colonialism? Volunteers from abroad work for a few hours a day building 5 schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. In their free time, they tour and partake in cultural activities. Interest in voluntourism has grown tremendously over time; organizations 10 specifically target middle-and high- schoolers. But is voluntourism really a practical instrument of good?

For example, Jingting Kang, former ÉC building a library there so shoddy2 that volunteer in rural China, was surprised locals had to work at night to compensate. These trips which 35 countries such as Ecuador, India, Kenya, often include politically and culturally and several others. EN of the country they stayed in. Photos seem Usually, there are no real positive to focus less on actual cultural learning, changes made — unless you count the 70 and more on giving Instagram and volunteers who feel better about Snapchat accounts an aesthetically 90 themselves.

Sounds like modern colonialism unique gifts to give, and when bonded7 95 to me. Explain the arguments used by the author to justify his point of view. Do you agree with the author? ÉC Interning abroad 02 4. Watch the video and explain how Erica got her internship in Australia and what she did during her time there. Describe her other experiences while abroad. What is her advice for future interns? SP Yo ur ep iso de revi ew!

Use what you have seen in this episode to answer the question. I think a gap year can be a wonderful opportunity. Students achieve whatever their goals might be. Your son or daughter has been accepted to Entraînez-vous university, so they will have a spot waiting for them. Some students never go back to school. Déduisez b. A trip to Europe… The potential advantages.

It turned out Liz and Fiona were friends. Did you cure people? Entraînez-vous Déduisez 2 Complétez avec les mots entre parenthèses. Utilisez la forme verbale qui convient. Fiona … at the hotel in Pushkar. Last month, they … doctors in a leper colony in — une situation ou une action commencée dans le Udaipur. This year in India is a revelation. We … to go backpacking around Asia. He … it amazing. You know, a gap year would do you so much I needed to Chaque équipe choisit 10 mots de la Word bank, puis écrit chaque mot sur un papier.

SP 6 Construisez une carte mentale. Convince your future employer that you are the right candidate! Prepare your script Organise your notes and write out what you are SP going to say and do in your video. Be creative! Good luck! Design an arrival guide for immigrant students IM How did America come ÉC to abandon frontier dreams for a closed border?

Teaser en version interactive www. Look at the painting and say what the painter wants to portray. Match items 1. It was the limit between… b.

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Between and , about… c. The trip lasted… d. The frontier was a limitless amount of space After , new railroads… f. In , the Homestead Act… g. Explain why the frontier was not a definite, fixed limit. What attracted so many people to the West? List the cause of this state of mind.


Episode 2: From frontier to border Look at the album cover and say what you expect to hear. Go back to p. Read the lyrics below out loud and note 4. Listen to the song several times and note down the stressed syllables. Then listen and down as many words as you can. Compare and complete your notes. Explain the conclusion of the song. Practise reading the lyrics out loud.

If you play the guitar documents 3 and 4 on p. Recap what you have understood 26 Identités et échanges. Scene 2 U. Look at the screenshot and say what you can about the young man. Read the title of the page and guess more about him. EN Listen and repeat. Watch the video and note down as many key words as possible. Give a speech As an American student, you want to convince your fellow students to take action for Dreamers. Prepare your speech, then record yourself SP delivering it. Judging by the title of the book and the photo, guess what the book is about.

Read the two texts and give each of them a title.

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Explain what kind of girl Liliana is. Say how you feel about her story and why. In the last five years, over , minors have fled their countries in Central America and Mexico and traveled north without their families, only to be caught by immigration at the U. After four months in a detention center, she was 10 placed in foster care while the courts decided whether to deport her.

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She spent a year in a horrendous foster situation and eventually landed on her feet with a family that loves and protects her. The judge determined it was too dangerous for her to return home and finally granted her a green card. She just graduated 15 from high school and received two scholarships to go to college, where she plans to study nursing. She also works to support her family back home. Below is an excerpt from the last chapter of her book.

And, as I suffered some of that, I decided to go far away without fear.


Explain what these words mean: fled l. Choose some pictures to illustrate it. And in fact, these workers play vital roles in the U. More than 35 are unauthorized, while 15 percent of those in construction lack papers — more than the share of legal immigrants in either industry. In the service sector, which would ÉC 15 half come from Mexico, and about 15 percent include jobs such as fast food and domestic come from other parts of Latin America. About 8 million of them have jobs, making Further studies show that the importance up 5 percent of the U. For example, in 20 the past decade.

In construction, the in border states like California and Texas, 50 number of additional laborers needed is 25 where they make up about 9 percent of estimated at close to , Their representation in particular indus- will soon require more than , people tries is even more pronounced, and the 55 to fill the jobs necessary to take care of 30 Department of Agriculture estimates that retiring baby boomers.

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Before you read, observe and comment on the infographic. Read the text as quickly as you can. Note down the essential information your remember. How they can become U.