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Add animations to increase engagement Use inline icons for numbered lists without altering your HTML code Preview posts in desktop and mobile view Input license key here Setka Editor settings in WordPress. Blocs Cette extension fournit 1 bloc. Activate Setka Editor from your Plugins page. From WordPress. How are our Pro Plans different from the free version? Where can I get support if I have any questions? I installed and activated this plugin on 19 Sep and then was no longer able to load the admin dashboard.

I only saw a blank screen instead. I could still visit the website itself. But to fix this I had to use FTP to rename the setka editor plugin. If you value quality look no further. The support and docs are great, it's also stable and it's very intuitive to get started. There's a lot of promise here, but still work to be done. The free version is somewhat limited, but so are my needs so I was optimistic. I took it through some real-world tasks, only to find several aggravating issues and a final deal-breaker for me.

First the deal-breaker: The free version is limited to a single grid system, which is understandable. So, for example, if you decide that you'd rather have 8 columns instead of 6, you essentially start over with the free version the paid version allows multiple grid systems, so this isn't a problem if you pay. There are probably a number of fair reasons for this lack of editing ability, but in the end it means the free version is very inflexible, and you will essentially be painting yourself into a corner by using it.

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For me, that far outweighs any advantages this plugin provides and there are many. Other aggravations included a remote settings page on the Setka site to set defaults for a style. Again, this is somewhat understandable but cumbersome.

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In operation, the undo function is nice but unpredictable, as are some of the basic layout controls. Paragraph blocks could sometimes not be deleted and dividers would sometimes disappear. The documentation mentions controls that aren't available, and eventually I felt like I was fighting the plugin after awhile just to try to get it to function as it should.

I ended up editing the html and css time and again to adjust things, at which point the whole purpose of the plugin is defeated. There's a lot of promise here, and I love the idea of an easy, universal visual editor for posts. But as of this review I'm afraid the free version just isn't ready for a production environment.

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And the most affordable paid version is cost-prohibitive for most small businesses. I'll definitely keep an eye on this, but for now I'll be deleting it. Once you've start using this plugin you won't be going back the old ways. Variety of fonts, set ups and details for your future writing.

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Le développement vous intéresse? Journal 1. Minor improvements in TinyMCE integration. When Setka Editor is blocked or loads for a long time, the post opens only in the Text editor to preserve proper post decoration. Fixed srcset attribute for AMP. Fixed local post styles synchronization on Windows servers. X versions. Standalone post styles are lightweight so that the page will load faster. A new setting that enables Setka CDN files. Improved Setka Editor content autosave in Gutenberg. Fixed loading Setka Editor styles only on the singular pages created in Setka Editor. Fixed Warning notification for users with non-admin rights.

Update Setka Editor files after each plugin update. Improved the uninstall recommendation. Improved compatibility with AMP plugin. Improved Manual Synchronisation of the styles. Internet Explorer 11 support. When viewing content on a smaller screen, this feature can dramatically improve page load speeds. We added to the plugin settings a range of theme- and plugin-generated image sizes to pass to the srcset attribute. Improved compatibility with Gutenberg.

Improved synchronization of styles from editor. Improved the plugin notices copy. The animation sanitizer converts Setka Editor animations into AMP animations, while keeping any interactive features like activation on a specific user action or movement of elements. The embed element sanitizer transform a responsive embed into relevant AMP elements and correctly integrates them into the page.

The gallery sanitizer transforms the component for displaying a series of images into the relevant AMP element. The image sanitizer displays the srcset attribute with all available resolutions, allowing the browser to decide which size is best for the user. So that clients can set up themes for displaying content, Setka created the Style manager.

Added Uninstall tab in the plugin settings. Added Sync button to the Account tab in the plugin settings to force the update of your post styles. Fixed HHVM related issue. Disabled redirect after plugin activation.

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Minor updates. Other minor improvements. Added explanatory tooltip for the disabled default editor tabs. Fixed issue with settings page cache. Updated copy. Son interface moderne en fait un outils très simple d'utilisation, il gère même le multifenêtre via des onglets! A noter que WPS Office est entièrement traduit en français. De taille minimale il est rapide à installer et léger pour votre matériel. Retrouvez WPS Office dans notre sélection des meilleurs logiciels gratuits Voici un logiciel incontournable pour la retouche, le classement et le partage de vos photos. Tous les logiciels sur Futura ont été testés pour vous garantir qu'ils ne contiennent aucuns virus et logiciels malveillants.


Vous allez vous désabonner de toutes nos lettres d'information. Ne voudriez-vous pas plutôt gérer vos abonnements et personnaliser vos lettres d'information? Licence gratuite WPS Office Que vous soyez professionnel ou non, cette suite est faite pour vous! Microsoft Simple Clock. Simple Calculatrice. Simple File Manager.